Gin Teaw Leaw Khao Restaurant is Limon Villa Khao Yai Resort's Restaurant that is awaiting for you to come and try our delicious cuisine. Along with our menu with a variety of both Thai and European food. We serve all of your favorite drinks including hot tea, aromas coffee and fine wines. Gin Teaw Leaw Khao was designed and decorated with our guests in mind. Gin Teaw Leaw Khao is the place that you and your loved ones can enjoy your special meal among the gorgeous view of the valley.

Gin Teaw Leaw Khao has a variety of drinks ready to serve you. Including fine wines, coffee that has the aroma that makes you have to try, and many other drinks. You can enjoy your wine, coffee or any other drink with the spectacular view of the valley and mountains.

Our guests can view 360 degrees of beauty. The gorgeous valley and mountains. The impressive view of the sunset right from our terrace. Gin Teaw Leaw Khao has modern Thai designs and shiny hard wood floors that will make you feel at home. We also have large yellow umbrellas to add to the beauty of the our comfortable classic beautiful dining area, for you to enjoy your meals.

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